This is a collection of original songs recorded in Craighall studios Edinburgh, by Billy and myself. Although some songs are familiar, many are being heard for the first time. We first talked about working together outside the Central Library on George 1V Bridge, in 1971. We met there by chance while visiting the music department of the library. Billy was the house engineer at Craighall and during his free time he would write and record in the studio. Eventually, we were joined by Stuart Tosh, and it was as a trio we really began to develop our own style. Billy and Stuart left Edinburgh to live in London in 1974, I continued to record in the studio and some of these recordings can be heard in this collection. The tapes were restored and copied to the digital format after years of being stored in various attics and garages.

The Craighall demo tapes have always been in David’s possession. In the late 90’s, the music was transferred to DAT tape and then onto CDR. Sadly the quality of some tapes had deteriorated to such a degree that they were unusable. However, what has survived is a perfect archive of David and Billy’s progress as writers and producers. From the first recordings of acoustic guitar, piano, bass and a battered old suitcase for drums, to the very complete demo’s for ‘Second Flight’ including the first recording of ‘January’. By way of introduction the collection begins with the poignant and sensitive original recording of ‘The Library door’ then proceeds chronologically from 1971 to 1976. This is a very special glimpse into the beginnings of the partnership that evolved into the polished and distinctive sound of Pilot.
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